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One of the world’s oldest documented ancestral flowers, the Egyptian lotus dates back to ancient Egypt around 4,000 years ago.


Its petals open in the morning and close at night, making it a symbol of fertility and rebirth in ancient Egypt. In Buddhism, it is associated with creation and the spiritual elements. It was even said to be used by Cleopatra to encourage relaxation and improve her libido.


Blue lotus tea was used in ancient societies in the Middle East. The tea offers mild psychoactive effects that offer a feeling of euphoria. These effects are the main reason the flower was brewed into a tea for celebrations.




Throughout its long history, Blue Lotus tea has been used for its plethora of health benefits, stemming from its tranquilizing properties. Its benefits range from: reduced inflammation, stress reliever, deep relaxation qualities, regulating the menstrual cycle, improving cardiovascular health, aiding digestion issues like constipation or bloating, promoting a healthy pregnancy and antispasmodic effects.

Blue Lotus Tea

SKU: 0003
  • It is typically prepared by brewing the tea in hot water (not above 180 degrees), cover and let it steep for 5 minutes.

  • Organic wildcrafted blue lotus tea

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