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Spirits of the Ancient Fires

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

In Hawaii, there is a story passed down from the shamans, called the bowl of light. It teaches us that we are all born with the bowl of fire, which if tended to can develop into a strong source of life energy. However, over time our bowls can get polluted with rocks, taking the form of burdens, expectations, and painful emotions, dimming our light.

As we go deeper into the reminiscence of our essence, we start arousing the memories of our ancestry residing deep in our cells. Going back to the origins of what felt like more harmonious life flow with nature and all the spirits of this planet.

We, as our ancestors, were much connected to the elements of the earth. We understood the concept of interconnectedness of all as part of an extensive healing that incorporated the power of intention and rituals (like fire ceremony), that helps us to purify, renew and burn away all that is old and outdated.
In my own ancestry, the fire element “spirit” was revered as something sacred that could be communicated to release the past and what no longer served, to make space for what was to come. Fire is a powerful force that can consume and destroy but also create, cleanse and inspire. Therefore it was a key element in the rituals of ancient Armenia, most of which went underground with the rise of Christianity in this region.

Today we are bringing it all back with the celebration of this Summer Solstice, where we will be performing an ancient Armenian fire ritual to transmute the dark into the light with this essential alchemical element of profound transformation.

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