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Planting The Seed

Hello Fam,

This letter is to those who have reached out to me lately expressing your struggles with passing through our massive planetary shifts in these times of radical transformation. I have been feeling you in my heart and was called to send you this letter as an expression of love and support for you.

Deepening my studies with intuitive astrology, I have come to know the value of understanding the influence the cosmos and the earth have on us. Working with us, supporting us, intertwined within and outside ourselves as one big whole, dancing the dance of existence.

As we enter the new moon today, July 17th, there is a certain theme that is becoming available to me that I wanted to share with all. I am not going to go into the details with the planets, intergrades, and shifting of the nodes. This is not the point, the point for me is that today is an opportunity for all of us to plant a seed of truth, strength, humility of the hearts and love.

As the planetary alignments indicate, this is a very transformational time of extermination of the old. As we bring forth the new idea of ourselves with the energy of this lunar cycle in Cancer - which is associated with our coming into compassion, being aware of our emotions, being attuned to our intuition and our needs. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon herself, representing the sacred feminine. We are being supported in re-integrating these energies within ourselves, bringing softness and lightness into our hearts.

These are our allies in helping us to dissolve what we need to dissolve, to release what we need to release. They teach the new way of being in relationship with the Earth and the remembrance of natural laws. Being able to break free from the patterns of the past that kept us distracted and out of balance. Seeing the truth, cutting through the allusion of the old paradigm into the new. Like a mother with her new born child, the mama moon is holding us, encouraging us to meditate, tune into, rediscover our true essence, our intuition, our true calling.

Our healing journey is to know what we need to release from the past in order to come back into our hearts, in order for us to be in this accelerated time of metamorphosis. Are we in or are we out? Are we going to check out and stay safe, or are we going to make the discomfort our greatest teacher? Understanding the profundity of the gift that lies beneath our shaken identity. To walk in grace with all that is, takes some digging, well… a lot of digging, but it’s all worth it in the end! As the old masters said, we will have to come back to Earth 101, if we miss the point in this lifetime. Is it really true? No one really knows, we all have ideas and beliefs about something bigger than us, and the truth is no one really knows for sure what’s on the other side of it.

As I conclude this letter, I wanted to invite you to make a little ritual for yourself. Take a warm shower asking the sacred waters to wash away all that is heavy on your heart, old, and ready to be released. And as you get ready to go to bed, burn a candle and incense. Frankincense is preferable, as it not only clears the energy, but it also relaxes you and puts you in a meditative state. Take three gentle breaths into your heart, close your eyes and say “Great spirit of fire, burn all that is old and heavy on my heart, the limited, constricted, scared, and polluted. As I remember my center (the heart), the universal heart that is expanded beyond my beliefs, intune, inflow, woven, and awaken with all the elements - to flow like a wild river, fireless, boundless, and in love.” As you say these words, see the golden thread coming from the candle into your heart, burning all the dark to open the door of the wisdom of the ages that resides within, to reveal itself to you.

Stay here for as long as you want, thank your allies when you finish, blow out the candle, and go to bed.

Remember, take what resonates and drop what doesn’t. As we relearn to be the masters of ourselves, we remember the importance of listening to our hearts and intuition.

Holding you in my heart,

Natalia “Nana” Oganesyan

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