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New Moon Self-care Ritual

As we deepen our studies with the Universe around us, we recollect the ancient ways of living. These forgotten traditions that were passed on by our ancestors are coming back to help us find our center, to weave the web of life with all relations.

The sages of the past had the insight about the strength and wisdom that Luna taught them. She is connected to the seasons of our lives and guides us all into our hearts to hear the truth of our essence.

The new moon marks the new beginnings, the planting of the seeds within these vast creations that are within us.

So with this new moon I call you all for a sacred bathing ritual. Widely used in ancient temples around the world for ceremonies, the blessed waters hold the key to wash away the outdated and leading us into our grace.

All waters are interconnected, as it’s the spirit of the rivers, oceans and lakes. Divine intelligence of water loves us, like a mother loves her dear child. So when we take a sacred bath, with intention and devotion, it's as if we enter the sacred chamber of her love.

Let’s honor ourselves by taking time to create a special place that feels clean. First clear the space with smudging plants like sage or mugwort. I also love to burn the Frankincense, it helps to bring tranquility into my heart.

Before we start we'll need some plants. Just take a pause to reconnect to your heart and ask what plants are called to be with you today. And if you are new to these traditions, rose petals, lavender or mint will help with this act of self love and sweetness. My go to are rose petals, lavender, holy basil, rosemary and mint. There are also raspberry leaves, camomile, immortelle and many more. Intention here is the key, trust your intuition in choosing the herbs.

Fill up the bathtub and light a candle. This is the moment to ignite the fire within our hearts, to burn and clear out all that stands in the way of us remembering the purity and unconditional love for ourselves and others. The fire spirit helps us through this, and all we need to do is ask.

Now put in the herbs and enter the bathtub with the feeling of going back into the womb to mark the new birth of the month. We baptize and bless ourselves by pouring water on our heads, bringing out our inner child and smiling. As we invite our innocence, this is where we begin each month.

A calming tea with camomile or lavender will seal the ritual. Relax and know that we are all loved through all the lifetimes and beyond on our path of walking back home.

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