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Are you ready to reveal your destiny?

Updated: Mar 12

Natalia, cardology

The last few years have definitely been filled with presence, listening and initiation into a higher state of consciousness. While looking for some answers to the questions that arose during the turbulent waters of my current life, I discovered and fell in love with the magical system of playing cards.

Cardology is a very ancient (precisely calculated) mathematical system. One that is nothing but God's decoded matrix of the life events that are already written in the book of your destiny.

This is a system designed for deep self-understanding and awareness. It contains hidden currents of the deeply seeded programs of unconscious minds, that currently run most of humanity and drive all into self destruction and suffocation of the soul.

A complex mathematical system that was well studied in the past by the priests who have been initiated into the Order of Magi, to carry on the knowledge of this decoded science. It was lost for hundreds of years, only to resurface (roughly 200 years ago) and brought back to be shared with the masses by Olney H. Richmond.

This old science is truly magical and two-fold as it is in the same field of metaphysical studies as Astrology and Numerology. It uses one's birth date, and at the same time, it can be used as a divinatory tool (like tarot) to help foretell the future. No other system of self-understanding can do that. And while astrology is a science that studies the movements and positions of celestial objects and their effect on our lives, and Numerology reveals the occult significance of numbers and names, Cardology is an ancient calendar for Earth and her inhabitants that contains a multi-dimensional code for the stories of our lives.

It is a fractal-based system written in the colors, numbers and symbols. It is an alchemical blending of basic astrological and numerological concepts, with the mystical structure of a deck of cards, to not only explain the personality and characteristics of everyone in the world, but to also provide timely and practical understanding of the events and experiences in our lives.

We are all given the deck of cards, do we play them as victims of our fate or masters of our destiny?

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